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Chemical-Free Roof Cleaning for Shingle and Tile Roofs
5 Reasons why you should have your roof cleaned and WITHOUT CHEMICALS:

1) Using chemicals can deteriorate the underlayment under your tiles which is the waterproofing of your roof. The harsh chemicals pool in valleys and other flashing areas then break down the tar in the roofing material, causing leaks and costly repairs.
2) Causes the roof to grow algae faster and damage the protective layer
3) Chemicals also break down the protective coating on tiles and may cause them to become brittle and break, resulting in potential leaks.
4) The life of the roof will decrease up to 5 years or more every time chemicals are used.
5) Most companies use chemicals because it's easier and better for them, but not better for your roof! Using chemicals allows them to do the job faster and charge you less. The money you will save now in pressure washing, you will pay for in roof repairs or roof replacement in the future.

Our Mission is to help customers extend the life of their roof for as long as possible. By cleaning your roof without harsh chemicals we are doing just that! Here at Storm Roofing and Repair, we pride ourselves on giving customers the best possible work and service.

Our company will not only clean your roof, but also make sure your roof is secure before we clean.

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